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What golf holes do you prefer to play - Par 3's 4's or 5's?

What golf holes do you prefer to play – Par 3’s 4’s or 5’s?

What golf holes do you prefer to play – Par 3’s 4’s or 5’s?

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This article by Greg D’Andrea of  made me reflect on whether I prefer one type of par hole.

Hadn’t really thought about this before. As a professional, I would say that I need a combination of all 3 to test me differently.

Changing up one’s strategy keeps it interesting. However, I have golfed with others who say, when we’re approaching a Par 3… “Oh, no. I hate par three’s.” This usually means that they don’t hit their irons consistently well.

And, as D’Andrea indicates, some people just live to play Par 5’s where they can ‘grip it and rip it.’

Personally, I like the Par 3’s and 5’s.  To me, a par three is easier to make a par because it is like playing a par 4 from the middle of the fairway with a level lie every time, and the Par 5’s give me a chance to make a birdie to make up for the shots I’ve dropped on the Par 4’s!

Let me know your preference if you have one.

And think about coming to see me for an iron lesson if you hate Par 3’s!

What golf holes do you prefer to play - Par 3's 4's or 5's?

Par 5’s needs more strategy!

As we all know, there are three types of pars for golf holes – Par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. And as much as we think some par 5’s should be par 6’s, we all realize there’s no such thing!

Each of these par types force you to have drastically different strategies. On par 3’s, for example, you begin the hole as if it’s your approach shot on a par 4 – you’re targeting the green with an iron in your hand . Meanwhile on a typical par 5, it’s grip-it and rip-it a couple times before you even get to target the green!

To read the rest of this article and vote on your favorite par, go here!

Source:   Greg D’Andrea

Pictures : Greg D’Andrea

Thanks for reading. What golf holes do you prefer to play – Par 3’s, 4’s, or 5’s?

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