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Hottest Gadgets - A Cool golf app keeps track of your golf bets!

Hottest Gadgets – A Cool golf app keeps track of your golf bets!

Hottest Gadgets – A Cool golf app keeps track of your golf bets!

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If you like having a small wager while you play golf with your friends.

It is sometimes tough to try and keep score, focus on your game, and keeps track of the bets all at the same time.  Enter – Golf Money!  Golf Money is a cool golf app that allows you to set up the game before you tee off, then all you have to do is enter the scores on each hole, and at the end of the round, wallah, you have a total of who won and who lost.  And you cannot argue with an app now, can you?

Hottest Gadgets - A Cool golf app keep track of your golf bets!


Until recently, keeping track of your golfing wagers has really been (to be polite) quite difficult – until now. Introducing the best app to keep track of your “gentleman’s” wagers – Golf Money.

This is a pretty cool app.

The first thing that caught my eye about it was the beautiful UI (user interface). I come from a design background so I really appreciated all the beautiful details, colors, textures (love the leather texture!) that the makers put into this app. It’s a hard app not to want to go back to just because it looks (and feels) cool. Out of 10 stars (10 being the best), I give the UI a solid 9.

What does it do and how might it be useful to me? Good questions! It’s basically an app that keeps track of your golf bets and it’s useful because the app basically does everything for you. It assists you in adding players, handicaps, hole handicaps, bet options (Points/Nassau) and even seeing reports of your wagers over time.

That’s easy to say in theory but what happens when you put it to the test on the course?

Well, that’s exactly what I did!

I wanted to try to set a friendly Nassau* bet in our foursome. First, I had to do was to set up a new bet in the app. Then I set the course – Crumpin Fox Golf Club and the course (per hole) handicap.

Next, you set the players (and their handicaps) which I initially set up in the “Friends” tab at the bottom of the app. Then you select the match structure. For example, if it’s teams (me and my partner versus you and your partner), or is it everyone versus everyone.

Then you set the “Bet Options” (see top image – right screen). You can set it to Nassau, points, or both. I set mine like the above image to – Nassau and then entered the bet amount. Then you just enter scores (see scorecard below) and you are off and running. The app does the math and record-keeping for you!

If you want to see more of what this app can do, go here!


Pictures: Golf Money

Thanks for reading Hottest Gadgets – A Cool golf app keeps track of your golf bets!

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