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10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event - I hate #3 and #6!

10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event – I hate #3 and #6!

10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event – I hate #3 and #6!

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Yes, this is an etiquette sheet for what-not-to-do-at-a-PGA-Tour-event.

Many of you wouldn’t be caught dead, performing most of these behaviors.  I hope you do not see yourself in #3 or #6?

Check out this article by Ben Alberstadt for, and see the video where Webb Simpson’s trophy presentation was interrupted by a bird call!

1. Wear your golf shoes

10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event - I hate #3 and #6!

“Hello, sir. Are you participating in the tournament today?” If the answer to that question is no, you have NO business wearing your golf shoes at a PGA Tour event.


Do the spike-wearers also lace up their cleats when they head to football and baseball games?

And whatever material advantage one gains in terms of on-course traction is surely outweighed by the ridiculousness quotient.

Note: Caddies don’t wear golf shoes, and they walk the course with 50-plus pound bags strapped to their back. Thus, you don’t need to either.

2. Be the beer-and-cigar guy

10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event - I hate #3 and #6!

Do you know this guy/these guys (they usually travel in packs)? Booming alcohol voice, douchily attired, clutching three-plus empty plastic beer cups in one hand and a (lit or unlit) cigar in the other?

And whether the product of beer-induced tunnel vision, total lack of concern, or general ignorance, the beer-and-cigar guy (and his beer-and-cigar buddies) is always spouting off with little regard for those around him.

He’ll be happy to add a few colorful words to your child’s vocabulary and will offer unrestrained praise for the assets of the fairer sex he spots in the gallery.

3. Yell “Baba Booey,” or “mashed potatoes,” or “get in the hole.”

You’d like to think that even repeat “Baba Booey-ers” are annoyed when they hear the signature exclamation of golf fan idiocy bellowed as a Tour pro tees off.

If you find yourself compelled to belt out the above or any other ridiculous exclamation for that most-rewarding knowledge that you “got on television,” please don’t.

It’s a race to the bottom with these folks, and the upcoming season will bring with it new moronic vocalization.


4. Trample or otherwise fight children for autographs

10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event - I hate #3 and #6!

Look, I understand adults have the right to ask pros for autographs. Maybe you have a sports memorabilia business, want to make a quick buck on eBay, or are merely looking to proudly display a signed Phil Mickelson 8-by-10 in your office.

All of that is fine. Still, children must have first priority in the hunter for Tour pros’ Sharpie scribbles.


Remember being a kid? Do you not remember the deities that professional athletes were to you? Remember the overwhelming sentimental value of an autograph?

10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event – I hate #3 and #6!

Autographs are most important to children, and children’s enjoyment of golf is most important to the game’s future.

Don’t be one of those guys trampling children to get Adam Scott’s autograph.

5. Offer on-course commentary


Have you seen this guy (and it’s usually a guy)? He posts up at a hole and shares his expansive knowledge of the game of golf and the players on the PGA Tour with anyone who will listen. As he’s often attending the tournament alone, he has no choice but to scatter his pearls of wisdom before strangers.

In addition to providing color commentary (“Dufner’s wife is hot”…” He has great hands. Shouldn’t have any trouble with this pitch”), he’ll share his green reads with anyone in his proximity.

He’s honed the reads, of course, from camping out at the same green all day.

To see the other 5 ways to behave poorly while watching golf at a PGA event, go here!

Source: Ben Alberstadt  GolfWrx

Pictures: Golf Digest.

Thanks for reading 10 Ways To Behave Poorly at a PGA Event – I hate #3 and #6!

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