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13 Crazy (or Not) Golf Superstitions - I'll try #12 from Ernie Els!

13 Crazy (or Not) Golf Superstitions – I’ll try #12 from Ernie Els!

13 Crazy (or Not) Golf Superstitions – I’ll try #12 from Ernie Els!

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I recently heard the announcers at Golf Channel’s ‘Morning Drive’ discuss their own golf superstitions.

13 Crazy (or Not) Golf Superstitions – I’ll try #12 from Ernie Els!

Damon Hack won’t use a yellow tee ever because he says he doesn’t want to ‘feel like a chicken’ on the tee box.

Bailey Mosier repeats to herself before each drive, “Amazing. Down the target line,” and she does a little wiggle. That sounds to me more like a preshot routine, which can truly help one’s game. Doesn’t sound like a superstition.

Thanks to  at for his list of “13 Ridiculous Golf Superstitions.” #8 is a very common one . . . the use of only low-numbered balls, because one doesn’t want a score of over 4 on a hole.

Several I’ve never heard of! I’ve never seen anyone tap the inside of the cup after making a putt of more than 3 feet to ensure you putt well the rest of the round. Wish it were that easy!

Every sport has it’s superstitions and golf is no exception.

I’m not alone – there are plenty of golfers with strange superstitions. Here are some of my favorites. 

1. Don’t Use Red Tees

This isn’t a superstition I’m prone to believing, but red is the color of stress and aggression – maybe that’s where it comes from. It’s hard enough keeping your focus on the course without added subliminal pressure.

2. People Have Their Lucky Club

I know some golfers who just love certain irons or woods – they swear by them. They take their favorite club with them and it never leaves their bag. Most of them probably don’t even remember why they love that particular club. In fact, many of them barely use their favorite.

The best I can figure is that they nailed an amazing shot with their favorite club a very long time ago. After that, they don’t want to use it because they’re afraid to destroy that memory with a bad shot.

3. Don’t Use Water Balls On Holes With Water Hazards

Somewhere inside some golfer’s head the thought occured: “Maybe a ball, once it lands in the water, is forever attracted to every other water hazard that exists.” Or, maybe the golfer who was first bit by this superstition thought that water worked like a magnet.

4. The Curse of The Stray Ball

I think this was started by people who couldn’t keep their shots on the fairway and got tired of having their balls stolen. This superstition says that if you pick up another person’s ball that was hit out of bounds, your game will be cursed and your score will suffer. I can’t hear this superstition without hearing a witch in the back of my mind chanting, “Double, double toil and trouble.”

Sure, it’s bad manners – but it’s not going to screw your game.

5. Don’t Use Found Balls During The Same Round

Okay, sometimes you’ll stumble across balls that aren’t out of bounds. The karma gods of golf aren’t going to penalize you for nabbing this ball. Well, unless you use it during the same round.

You see, if you nab another person’s ball that is in bounds, you just have to wait until the next round. Then you’ll be safe!

6. Tap The Inside Of The Cup After Long Putts

So, you just sunk a putt where the ball was more than three feet away from the hole. First, great work. Before you take the ball out of the hole, you need to tap the ball on the cup’s wall. If you don’t do this, says the superstition, you’ll suffer on every hole for the rest of your round.

The only possible explanation that I can even think of for this is that some golfers need routines. We know that pre-shot routines help golfers focus – maybe the same thing can be said for post-shot routines. If you don’t start this habit, you’ll never have to keep it up.

For the other 7 Crazy Golf Superstitions, go here!


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Thanks for reading 13 Crazy (or Not) Golf Superstitions – I’ll try #12 from Ernie Els!

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