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The Golf Grip Done Correctly – Most Golfers Get It Wrong!

The Golf Grip Done Correctly – Most Golfers Get It Wrong!

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A golf grip change is one of the most uncomfortable changes you can ever make in your golf swing.  

But, it is an alteration worth doing in the long run.  Schedule a golf grip change when you have at least two months free of any competitive rounds. It takes a couple of months to become 100% comfortable with the new grip.

Swing by Swing PGA Instructor Brad Smith explains in great detail how to place your hands correctly on the club.  

A lot of golfers don’t realize it. A lot of golfers don’t think much about it. But the grip is one of the most important things in the golf swing, yet over 80% of golfers get it wrong.

Swing by Swing PGA Pro, Brad Smith, is here to give you the answer. From here forward, make sure you are gripping correctly!

Source: Swing by Swing  Brad Smith

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