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Will 100 Swings a day make you a much better golfer?

Will 100 Swings a day make you a much better golfer?

Will 100 Swings a day make you a much better golfer?

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I have to agree with Hank Haney here that 100 swings a day will improve your golf game immeasurably!

This is something that is not hard to do and takes very little time but does take 100% commitment.  Have a club handy so you don’t have to go to your golf bag each time.  Put it in a place you can see, so it will remind you to go outside and get started!  

When I started playing golf, I lived quite a long way from the golf course, so each day when I got home from school I would grab a club and swing in the yard.  I did a whole lot more than 100 swings, but this is my point: when I went to the golf course on the weekend with my dad, my body was so used to swinging the club a) in sequence and b) in rhythm, that I improved very quickly.  

I attribute that improvement to regularly swinging that club.  So make a commitment to yourself today, grab a club, go outside and start swinging.  

Thanks to Hank Haney and Golf Digest for sharing this!

There’s no way to avoid the work that comes with building a good swing, but the best way to create a great base for improvement is to make 100 practice swings with an iron every day.

Source: Golf Digest   Hank Haney

Thanks for watching Will 100 Swings a day make you a much better golfer? 

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