I Love it when People Mistake Arnold Palmer for ‘Tom Collins’!

Time for your daily laugh. I’ve always loved those man-in-the-street clips by people like Jay Leno. This one involves an intern from Golf Digest and South African Pro golfer, Louis Oosthuizen. It is all about identifying famous golfers. The one where New Yorkers are shown a picture of Arnold Palmer is hilarious. And Oosthuizen’s behavior reveals once again why he is loved by peers and fans worldwide. See the story and video from Joel Beall at: Golf Digest 4805540343_d79569ffa3_z
Louis Oosthuizen owns a claret jug and one of the best swings on tour. He also owns a hell of a sense of humor. The South African hit the streets of the Big Apple as a Golf Digest intern, asking New Yorkers a simple question: Can you identify famous golfers? Spoiler alert: Despite one standing in front of them, they could not:
To see Louis Oosthuizen interview people on the streets of NY, go here! Source : Joel Beall  Golf Digest Pictures : Marie Guilpin

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