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Would you pay over $1 million for Golf Art - Maybe!

Would you pay over $1 million for Golf Art – Maybe!

Would you pay over $1 million for Golf Art – Maybe!

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Would you pay over $1 million for Golf Art - Maybe!

The Golfers.

I am the proud owner of a copy of ‘The Golfers,’ a famous golf painting by Charles Lees, RSA, of a match at St. Andrews Golf Course in 1841. I paid 70 pounds for this gem at an auction in Scotland in 1993. It depicts gentlemen distinguished as skillful players and lovers of the game playing a ‘grand match.’ It also comes with a small plaque that names all the golfers in the portrait.

Now I see that ‘The Portrait of Henry Callender,’ which shows the Captain-General of The Blackheath Society of Golfers in a formal red coat, clutching a putter, is for sale for a mere million dollars. The painting, by Lemuel Francis Abbot, dates back to the early 17th century and is viewed as one of the earliest depictions of golf.

Maybe I should have my golf art re-appraised!

Thanks to GolfWrx and  Ben Alberstadt for this interesting article!

Grab your checkbooks: “A world-famous piece of golfing memorabilia” — as legendary commentator Peter Alliss called the painting — is up for sale.

Auction house Bonhams will feature the aptly titled The Portrait of Henry Callender standing in a landscape, in the red coat of Captain General of the Blackheath Golf Club and holding a putter for bid.

The painting is the work of the brush of Leicestershire artist Lemuel Francis Abbott, and is expected to fetch £

Would you Pay $1 million for Golf Art - Maybe!

600,000 –£800,000.

That’s roughly $900,000 to $1.2 million.

Regarded as one of the earliest depictions of the gentleman’s game, the undated painting has spent at least the past 150 years in the clubhouse of Royal Blackheath Golf Club, which traces its origins to the early 17th century is one of the oldest golf courses in the world. Indeed, the famed British golf writer Bernard Darwin identified it as the oldest course in the world.

The club is auctioning off the famous portrait to raise funds.

More about the painting, via

To see this pricey piece and learn why it is being auctioned off, go here:

Source :     Ben Alberstadt

Pictures: GolfWrx

Thanks for reading Would you pay over $1 million for Golf Art – Maybe!

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