Alice Cooper was a 9 handicap after 1 Year of Golf! Wow!

Most of us know that the pioneer of shock rock took up golf when he quit drinking. Alice Cooper’s doctor told him that he would follow other musicians in death-by-alcohol if he didn’t give it up. Cooper says he needed an activity that lasted all day so he chose golf. He’s been playing for 30 years now and says it’s the best game he’s ever played. His life change has also motivated Cooper to help others to explore their potential. This villainous on-stage rocker shows another side with his many charity golf tournaments and free music programs for kids. But how exactly did Alice Cooper get to a 9 handicap after only one year of golf? Find out here in this cool video from
On a recent trip to America European Tour Weekly spent time with the legendary musician Alice Cooper. Cooper has on several occasions credited golf as having played a major role in helping him to overcome his addiction to alcohol, and has even gone as far to say that when he took up golf, it was a case of replacing one addiction with another.
Source : European Tour

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