New England Patriots Kicker compares Golf to Kicking!

Stephen Gostkowski, one of the best kickers in NFL history, sees similarities between kicking a football and playing golf. In a recent interview with Mark Carnevale on SiriusXM PGA Tour radio, Gostkowski talked about the importance in both sports, of tempo and rhythm, managing wind and confidence. He also repeats what many professional athletes have said in the past, “It’s all mental.” 3866275714_f54f3d6402_z What cool move does the Patriot’s best-ever kicker make after a shot through the uprights? Watch this video from Emily Kay at

Stephen Gostkowski is on his way to becoming the greatest kicker in NFL history, so he knows a thing or two about how weather conditions, timing, and cadence can affect the trajectory of a football.

With fellow players from teammate Tom Brady to Giants punter Brad Wing this season displaying their love for the game of golf, it’s not surprising that Gostkowski shares the passion and sees a slew of similarities between hammering one through the uprights and keeping a golf ball on the fairway.

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