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Extend your season and keep warm in cold weather!

Extend your season and keep warm in cold weather!

Extend your season and keep warm in cold weather!

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Many of my students come from the NE part of the US.  

As the golf season comes to an end, there might be some cold (but no snow) days where you can still get in a couple more rounds this season.  The main key is to keep warm.  Golf is no fun when you are freezing.  Here, Michael Harris for Golf Monthly gives you some really good tips on how to enjoy your final rounds of 2015!

Keeping your head, hands and feet warm is key, as is layering your clothes in thinner layers to keep core warmth while maintaining good mobility for your golf swing.

The body doesn’t move as fast and the ball doesn’t travel as far in cold, dense air….so pay more attention to your club selection as you’ll often need more club than normal in these cold conditions.

Regarding clothing, there are a bunch of hi-tech, low weight fabrics now to keep you warm without the bulk. The Microtherm shirts from Eddie Bauer and Cold Gear from Under Armour are just a couple of good examples.

Source: Golf Monthly.

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