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Looking for greater Consistency in your golf game?

Looking for greater Consistency in your golf game?

Looking for greater Consistency in your golf game?

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One of the 4 questions I ask every student at the start of golf school is “What are your goals in golf?”  I get pretty much get the same answer from everyone “I would like to be more consistent.”  But when I ask “How often do you play and how often do you practice?” the answer is usually “Once a week and no practice.”  

Folks, you cannot improve at anything if you do not work at it.  

Alex Fortey of The Art of Simple Golf, gives you a plan on how to get consistency in your golf game today!

If you were to be more consistent on the golf course, meaning less erratic shots, eliminating the really fudged golf swings, reducing the amount of slightly mistimed strikes leading to missed fairways and greens would you be a better golf player?

Of course it would.

The thing you really want to know is… how?

How can you get a consistent golf game and get better at golf?

Looking for greater Consistency in your golf game?

Well I am sure you have been sold on the latest revolutionary piece of golf equipment that will give you dozens of more yards and have you splitting fairways like an arrow as well as irons that pepper the pin like a laser.

Maybe the latest edition of the Golf Channel teaching show provides a few golf tips that will see all of your shots go straight every time. Perhaps you are following one of our simple golf swing methods or one of the golf lessons and training programs we have here at The Art of Simple Golf providing you with the drills, tips and instruction to develop a golf game through practice and / or golf fitness to help you perform your best possible golf swing.

However a consistent golf game will never be achieved and bordering on pointless if consistency and committed application is not the golf course.

You need to be consistent with your practice on the range, short game area and putting green.  As well as avoiding long lay off from playing if you want to yield good scores on the golf course.  But here’s the thing…

To read the rest of this article on getting more consistent, go here!

Source: Alex ForteyThe Art of Simple Golf

Pictures: YouTube

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