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Are golfers athletes - Question answered right here!

Are golfers athletes – Question answered right here!

Are golfers athletes – Question answered right here!

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Having been a golf professional for almost 50 years, I can tell you that anybody who asks the question “Are golfers athletes?” does not know the game of golf. Decades ago when I used to play on the Sunshine Tour, I think the only person who worked out was Gary Player!  The rest of us would meet for dinner and a few drinks after our round.  Today. golf has become big business, with millions of dollars at stake every week.  

The players on every Tour and Mini-Tour in the world, work out to improve strength and flexibility, and performance coaches guide them through the process.  These coaches make sure the workout is technically correct to achieve maximum benefit for each individual.  Check out the video below presented by the PGA Tour, to see just how much fitness plays in this game.  Amateurs could definitely benefit from similar attention to their bodies to improve their golf game!

Pre Tiger Woods, golf was just a game. Now it’s an Olympic sport populated by athletes who work both on and off the course to be the best.

Source: PGA Tour

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