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Going on a road trip - Which are the best cars for the job?

Going on a road trip – Which are the best cars for the job?

Going on a road trip – Which are the best cars for the job?

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I bought a 2014 Chevy Impala a couple of years ago, and the main feature that convinced me to buy this car was not the smooth, comfortable ride (which it has) but the great trunk.  As a professional golfer, I travel a lot and usually with 3 or 4 others.  So a large trunk was important to me.  Golf Vacation Insider has done some further research to find the best cars for traveling golfers.  Check it out!

Going on a road trip - Which are the best cars for the job?

It’s the last month of 2015, the weather’s chilly, and snow boots are replacing golf shoes on the feet of too many of us. That means it’s…

Car-buying season.

All things being equal, December is one of the best months in which to buy a new car. Salesmen are going to be pushing to make or exceed their sales targets for the year, and savvy negotiators can parlay this ambition into great savings.

In particular, the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day are the ripest for savings, as dealers look to unload the last of their previous-model-year stock and get a jump on selling the new models.

But if you’re reading this, you aren’t just an ordinary prospective car buyer. Whether it’s just ten or 20 minutes to your favorite local course, a weeks-long golf road trip, or you’re renting one for an upcoming excursion, you want to know what are the best cars forgolfers.

Here are some questions the best cars for golfers need to answer:

Will it fit all your gear?

There are lots of big cars and SUVs out there, but they’re not all going to support good feelings among four golfers, their clubs and their luggage over the course of a trip. For example, my father and I brought our clubs on a trip to California a few years ago, and the trunk of the Jeep Compass we rented – by no means a “compact” vehicle – was far too narrow to accommodate our two bags in their travel cases alongside other family luggage easily. Long story short: it was not a fun ride from the airport to the house we’d rented some 90 minutes away. In other words, when assessing cars for a golf trip – whether to rent or buy – be aware that not all cargo space is created equal.

Going on a road trip - Which are the best cars for the job?

The Ford Taurus is another car with a large trunk.

Not only that, but some “premium” car brand models offer less in the way of space than their lower-priced counterparts. For example, Ford’s largest sedan, the Taurus, offers an impressive 20 cubic feet of trunk space. But the MKS, Lincoln’s similar-sized offering, offers only 18.7 cubic feet of trunk space. And when you’re trying to play Tetris with golf bags and suitcases in a trunk, every little bit of space counts.

Want to max out on space? Look into a full-size SUV like the Ford Expedition.

The Expedition offers a mammoth 42.6 cubic feet of trunk space. It’s safe to say that even inveterate over-packers will be able to wedge their belongings in with their clubs, with plenty of room to spare.

Beware smaller SUVs and crossovers – in a lot of cases they offer less space than less-expensive generous-size sedans. For example, the Honda Pilot and Nissan Pathfinder offer just 18 and 16 cubic feet of trunk space, respectively.

Going on a road trip – Which are the best cars for the job?

How long can you stave off a mutiny?

If you’re going to be packing, say, your regular foursome into one vehicle for a few-hours drive to your destination, you’re going to want them to be comfortable and happy for the duration. That’s why second-row legroom is key to any road-tripping golfer.

Going on a road trip - Which are the best cars for the job?

The Buick LaCrosse offers great legroom.

Remember when Buick used to pay Tiger Woods millions of dollars a year to promote their cars? It was no random choice. For instance, their LaCrosse offers a whopping 40.5 inches of passenger legroom, which is tops among midsize sedans, and a full four inches more than the class average (and nine inches more than the average economy airline seat offers). And with 38.1 inches of legroom, the Ford Taurus is not far behind. Not bad for sedan-loving golfers.

To see what other cars fit this category, go here!

Source: Golf Vacation Insider

Pictures: Ford   Buick  Dodge

Thanks for reading – Going on a road trip – Which are the best cars for the job?

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