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Give them a Club Fitting for Christmas - They will love you for it!

Give them a Club Fitting for Christmas – They will love you for it!

Give them a Club Fitting for Christmas – They will love you for it!

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Club fitting is the most overlooked game improvement feature of the 21st century!  It always amazes me when I see a student in golf school with a brand new set of irons or a new driver, and I ask them if these were fitted to their swing.  The answer is usually “No, I just bought them off the rack as they were on sale!”  CRAZY people!

 You spend hours on the range hitting balls and good money on lessons or a golf school, and yet you don’t pay attention to your equipment!  

It costs not a dime more to be correctly fitted than it does to buy those same clubs off the shelf.  Of course, if they are on sale, you will pay a lower price, but what cost?

You have almost zero chance of those clubs improving your game.  A student recently said he was hitting the ball 10 yards further with his new off-the-rack clubs.  But when I put him on the launch monitor, he had, in fact, lost 5 yards.  (We always think the ball is going further because we don’t want to admit we were dummies!)

Thanks to  of Golf Digest for this enlightening article!

Give them a Club Fitting for Christmas - They will  love you for it!


Forget love, peace, and companionship. The best holiday gifts you can give that special someone in your life are golf clubs.

December is a popular time for equipment purchases in the United States. However, if you buy sticks without the aid of a professional club fitter, you’re making a bigger mistake than Jingle All the Way 2.

To illustrate this point, I paid a visit to my local fitter over the weekend to get a fitting for new irons. I switched clubs last summer, finally succumbing to the fact that I no longer needed blades, in exchange for a buddy’s borrowed, more-forgiving set. The clubs did offer a better feel on mishits, but this specific set was not a custom set for my swing, and my ball-striking did suffer as a result.

Luckily, Golf Digest’s Hot List project had an opening, and because the company was in need of youth and charm to offset the curmudgeonly dispositions of Mike Johnson and Mike Stachura, I was brought on. Selfishly, this provided VIP access to the industry’s sharpest, instinctive minds, with many of these respected voices chiming in on what type of clubs would cater to my game.

The Clubfitting.

The consensus was that I was in need of longer shafts.  A view I hope that my personal fitting session would confirm. While longer shafts were correct, they were far from the only diagnosis.

I met with Paul Ferrone at Downtown Golf in Stamford, Conn. We began my session hitting 15 shots with a 7-iron, in order to give us a starting point and context. With simulator and launch-monitor technology, we saw that my average shot from this series went 170 yards, usually at a 114 mph ball speed. The dispersion — where the balls were landing — was great, with most landing towards the right of the target.

To see the rest of this interesting article, go here!

Source: Golf Digest

Pictures: Mizuno USA     YouTube

Thanks for reading – Give them a Club Fitting for Christmas – They will love you for it!

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