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Anchored Rule finally arrives - Which putters to use now!

Anchored Rule finally arrives – Which putters to use now!

Anchored Rule finally arrives – Which putters to use now!

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The anchored method of putting is over.

 Gone the way of the Dodo! Extinct!  From today, the anchored rule is in effect! As I have told some of my students who putt with the anchored putter, if you do not play competitive golf, continue to use the anchored method, and enjoy your golf!  This rule only applies to competition, so if you are a recreational golfer, continue to have fun when you play. Unfortunately for the competitive golfers out there, those that use the anchored putter must find a new way to putt. Please note that if you wish to keep a USGA handicap for the occasional club or local competition, you cannot post any scores while using the anchored method!

 David Dusek of gives you some examples of putters that could make the switch easier!

Anchored Rule finally arrives - Which putters to use now!


The day Tim Clark, Carl Pettersson, Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley circled on their calendars three years ago nearly has arrived.

During a U.S. Golf Association and R&A news conference on Nov. 28, 2012, Peter Dawson, then-R&A chief executive, uttered the words that anchored-putter lovers feared: “The R&A and the USGA are announcing a proposed rule change that would prohibit the anchoring of the club in making a stroke. The proposed rule, 14-1b, would prohibit strokes made with the club, or a hand gripping the club, being held directly against the player’s body; or with a forearm being held against the body to establish an anchor point that indirectly anchors the club.”

Remove “proposed” from that statement because the rule change goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Many notable professionals who used an anchored-putter stroke switched to conventional methods last season, including major champions Webb Simpson, Bradley and Scott. Clark and Pettersson held out all year, but now they 
also must abandon their beloved method.

It is important to remember that no piece of equipment is outlawed by the rule change. Golfers are free to use any previously legal putter, but 
they cannot affix it to any part of the body.

To help players who seek stability and to alleviate from the stroke the small, twitchy muscles in the hands and wrists, many manufacturers have touted the advantages of counterbalancing. By using putters with heavier heads and extra weight under the top of the grip, many players find it easier to produce a fluid stroke that stays on path.

And many players have switched to extra-large grips to help reduce wrist action while putting.

Anchored Rule finally arrives - Which putters to use now!

Thick Putter Grips can be an alternative to help long-putter users.

Anchored putting is about to become a part of golf’s past, but golf’s future surely will be filled with putters and accessories aimed at making it easier to roll the rock.

To see the rest of David Dusek’s suggestions, go here!

Source: David Dusek


Thanks for reading – Anchored Rule finally arrives – Which putters to use now!

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