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6 of Tigers’ best shots ever – #3 is Tiger Wood’s pick!

6 of Tigers’ best shots ever – #3 is Tiger Wood’s pick!

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The “Best Shots Ever” category for Tiger Woods could fill a book as large as Atlas Shrugged!  A collection of 6 shots by one of the finest shot creators in golf history has been compiled by  of Golf Digest.  Tiger himself rates #3 as his best shot ever.  Personally, I would vote for #2.  Having played Glen Abbey several times, I have played out of that bunker one time.  I was watching that tournament live.  And when I saw what he was attempting to do, I predicted a watery grave.  The shot he pulled off (with a 6 iron from over 200 yards over water, no less) made me jump right out of my chair!

To commemorate Tiger Wood’s 40th birthday, Matt Rudy compiled some of the 14-time major winner’s best moments of his storied career, and explains how they can be of instructional use to your own game.

Birdie chip-in at the 16th hole, 2005 Masters

Probably the most famous shot Woods has ever hit, this hole-out is huge both for how hard it was — from a tight lie next to the collar to a landing area the size of a grapefruit — and for the circumstances surrounding it.

Woods was locked in a battle with Chris DiMarco, and the birdie gave him the two-shot cushion he would need to hang on and get into a playoff, which he eventually won. Woods said the key to the shot was picking a specific landing area for the delicate pitch—a slice of light between shadows thrown by tree branches.

You can practice the same technique by placing a tee in the practice green, hitting various short game shots in different trajectories, and landing as close to the tee as possible.

The approach shot to 18th hole, 2000 Canadian Open

Generally considered Woods’ best-ever shot (non-major division), his 213-yard 6-iron from the bunker over water to a tiny target at the 2000 Canadian Open was a signature moment in a season of dominance.

For the average player, the addition of sand to the equation makes this a scary shot, but Woods had a perfect lie, which actually helped him produce more spin and land the shot in a smaller area. One way to promote a clean, high shot out of fairway sand is to swing to a full, high finish. Many players make the mistake of digging the club into the sand to blast the ball out.

Bunker recovery shot, 2002 PGA Championship

At his peak, Woods was dominant off the tee and around the green.  But many of his majors were won with superior recovery shots from seemingly impossible positions.

At the 2002 PGA Championship at Hazeltine, Woods faced a long approach shot from a sidehill lie in a fairway bunker. He hit a high hook with a 3-iron directly over trees in his path, ending 20 feet from the flag.  A shot many observers called the best they’d ever seen.

To see the other 3 best shots in Tiger Woods’ career, go here!

Source:    Golf Digest

Pictures: Keith Allison

Thanks for watching – 6 of Tigers’ best shots ever – #3 is Tiger Wood’s pick!

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