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When to Chip or Flop or Bump and Run - Your Guidelines!

When to Chip or Flop or Bump and Run – Your Guidelines!

When to Chip or Flop or Bump and Run – Your Guidelines!

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One of the questions that I am asked most when teaching the short game is, “When do I chip, flop, or bump and run?”  

Well, the answer is a little more complex than that.  Around the green, you have 5 options.  You can chip, landing the ball on the green and letting it roll towards the flag.  Or you can pitch, which means flying the ball a little higher to get the ball to stop after a couple of yards of roll.  

You can hit the flop shot, which means taking a very lofted club, opening the face, and making the ball stop with almost no roll.  Or you can hit the “bump and run” shot, which means you would land the ball short of the green and let it roll on.  And finally, if the surface allows, you can putt the ball.  Two of these shots are described by Holly Taylor via  Holly explains how to determine when to hit these shots.

Watch golf instruction for how to choose between a bump-and-run or a flop shot. PGA Professional Holly Taylor explains the strategy and tips for how to be successful at both shots.

Source:   Holly Taylor

Thanks for watching – When to Chip or Flop or Bump and Run – Your Guidelines!

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