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How his Pre-Shot Routine improved Brandt Snedeker's putting!

How his Pre-Shot Routine improved Brandt Snedeker’s putting!

How his Pre-Shot Routine improved Brandt Snedeker’s putting!
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A Pre-Shot routine in golf helps in 3 ways.  One, it sets the body into a consistent rhythm just before you hit the shot.  Two, it allows you to gather all thoughts relative to the shot at hand, and three, it removes all other distractions so you can execute the shot without any negative thoughts or feelings that might influence the shot.  Watch a tennis player before they serve.  They bounce the ball a certain number of times, throw the ball overhead, and serve.  This bouncing of the ball helps them focus and get into a good rhythm before the serve.
David MacKenzie of Golf State of Mind reveals the pre-shot routine of Brandt Snedeker and how he used it to improve his putting.
How his Pre-Shot Routine improved Brandt Snedeker's putting!

Brandt Snedeker’s Killer Pre-putt Routine

If you watched The Sony Open last week, you will have no doubt seen the quality of Brandt Snedeker’s putting.

For me, as mental game coach, a major factor in the strength of his putting is how deliberate and consistent his pre-putt routine is.

Why is the pre-putt routine so important?

Where you put your focus before a putt (or any shot for that matter) has a big influence on the fluidity of the stroke. If you’re not following a proper sequence, your mind can wander onto things such as the importance of the outcome and the technical aspects of your stroke. Any doubt or hesitation about the line, how good your stroke is, or what making or missing means, makes for a tentative and inconsistent stroke, and inconsistent results.

Putting is about feel and trust; the more you can take conscious thinking out of it and just use your eyes and trust yourself to hit the ball the correct distance, the better. It needs to be “reactive”, not “proactive” when you are over the ball. Clearly your conscious mind is active when making decisions about the line and speed, but once that is decided upon, the best thing you can do is put faith in your process and trust your stroke.

To find YOUR optimal pre-putt routine, go here!

Source: Golf State of Mind

Photo by Keith Allison    Shannon McGee

Thanks for reading – How his Pre-Shot Routine improved Brandt Snedeker’s putting!

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