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8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego - Of course I love #8!

8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego – Of course I love #8!

8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego – Of course I love #8!

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It is always nice to play a golf course that is easy to score well on.  

You need courses to boost your ego occasionally, particularly when your game is in a slump.  It is definitely an uplifting experience.  Golf Vacation Insider has listed 8 courses that will fit this bill! Unfortunately, there are few in my area of Myrtle Beach that fit this bill as well.  Wachesaw Plantation East and The Wizard are two that will make you feel good at the end of the day!  Which courses in your area do you feel are easy to score on?  Please share this with the rest of us!

If you’ve been watching the PGA Tour the last couple weeks, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve been putting up some incredibly low scores. Jordan Spieth shot 30-under par at Kapalua and Fabian Gomes shot 20-under par to win the Sony Open this past weekend.

And you can bet this week’s CareerBuilder Challenge winner will put up some low scores as well.

So which do you think the pros prefer week in and week out: making birdies or struggling for pars?

Exactly – they love birdies. Can’t get enough of ’em.

Whether they’re playing from too long a set of tees or just selecting an absolute murderers’ row of layouts for their itinerary, a lot of golf vacations come and go with too many double-bogeys and not enough birdies.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with testing your game – we at Golf Vacation Insider love layouts like Kiawah’s Ocean Course, for example – but there’s also a lot to be said for shooting some low scores while on vacation, either. After all, it’s supposed to be relaxing, right?

Check out our nominations, and don’t forget to share your own in the comments below:

Gamble Sands – Brewster, Washington

8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego - Of course I love #8!

Big fairways, spacious greens, and low scores are Gamble Sands’ specialty.


8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego – Of course I love #8!

Big fairways, spacious greens and low scores are Gamble Sands’ specialty. (Gamble Sands)

By his own admission, architect David McLay Kidd went a bit off the reservation after the success of his original Bandon Dunes course. Both his Castle Course at St. Andrews and his course at Tetherow in Bend, Oregon needed to be softened from their original forms because not only were they exceedingly difficult, they were decried as downright unfair in places. Kidd seemed to have an epiphany of sorts, because his Gamble Sands course in central Washington has been lauded as a terrific mix of intrigue, fun and playability, with all grass cut at either green or fairway height. With a Rating of 69.7 and a Slope of 118 from the 6,200-yard middle set of tees, it might just let you shoot your career round. That philosophical pivot landed Kidd the privilege of designing the forthcoming second course at Mike Keiser’s in-development Sand Valley project in Wisconsin. You can bet it will be more like Gamble Sands than the Castle Course.

Mid Pines – Southern Pines, North Carolina

8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego - Of course I love #8!

Kyle Frantz’s restoration of Mid Pines preserved its golfer-friendly layout while reclaiming considerable rustic charm. (Mid Pines)

The across-the-street neighbor of Pine Needles had always been regarded as the gentler of the two tests, even before its renovation by Kyle Frantz. Now, pesky Bermuda rough having been replaced by sandy waste areas, the course is both more eye-catching and a little easier to navigate after off-center tee shots. When one compares Mid Pines and nearby Southern Pines with the more burly Pine Needles and Pinehurst No. 2, it is easy to respect architect Donald Ross for his ability to build courses for the full range of golfers.

Old Macdonald – Bandon, Oregon

8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego - Of course I love #8!

Old Macdonald’s tremendous width enables it to deliver a manageable challenge to all visitors. (Bandon Dunes Golf Resort)

Bandon Dunes is regarded by many as the ultimate golf resort for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that its courses are playable for high- and low-handicap golfers alike. And Old Macdonald, which Tom Doak and a host of others crafted as an homage to Golden Age architect Charles Blair Macdonald, sports massive putting surfaces and spacious fairways. If you catch it on a calm day and have a good lag-putting round, expect a pretty low number to appear on your scorecard when all’s said and done.

To see the rest of these ego-boosting golf courses, go here!

Source: Golf Vacation Insider

Pictures: Gamble Sands  Mid Pines  Bandon Dunes Golf Resort   Cabot Links

Thanks for reading – 8 Golf Courses to Boost your Ego – Of course I love #8!

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