Build stability and strength simultaneously with the Physio Ball!

The Physio or “Swiss” ball is a piece of exercise equipment that is not expensive but a must-have, if you want a great workout.  It provides an unstable environment that forces the core muscles to engage, creating stability.  It is a great tool for sit-up’s as it is easy on the back.  My favorite, the plank, is done first with your feet on the ground, and once you have mastered that, put your feet up on a small table or chair to create a really good core and balance workout.  Thanks to  of Golf Digest for this article.  Go to the link below for additional videos with the Physio Ball.

Back in 2014, we put Dustin Johnson’s girlfriend, Paulina Gretzky (left), through the paces of a golf workout including use of one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment in any gym—a physio ball. There are literally dozens of exercises you can do with one, and Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear and I demonstrate a few of them below. Physio balls cost $20-$40 and come in various sizes. Typically men should use a 75mm ball while women would be better off using a 65mm or 55mm ball. It’s smart to check this out before buying.

Why is a physio ball so useful? In a word: Instability. In order to perform most exercises with a ball, your body has to make up for the lack of stability that the spongy, round ball doesn’t have. So you have to use several muscle groups—most notably the core muscles around your midsection—in order to avoid falling off the ball. This “stability-first” mandate is similar to what needs to happen in order for you to swing a golf club effectively and safely. Without bracing yourself, you can’t swing a golf club without losing your balance.

Paulina physio ball plank.jpg

The plank that Paulina is demonstrating here is just one of many exercises all golfers should incorporate into their routines. This one is especially good if you move the ball around with your forearms rather than just staying still. You’ll really feel it working your core muscles.

For some great Physio Ball Workout Videos by Ron, go here!

Source :    Golf Digest

Pictures : Golf Digest

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