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7 Things to know when playing with a scratch golfer!

7 Things to know when playing with a scratch golfer!

7 Things to know when playing with a scratch golfer!

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Like the writer of this article, Tim Gavrich, editor of Golf Vacation Insider, I moved between a +2 and a 2 handicap over the past 50 years.  I have played with hundreds of high handicap players and have enjoyed almost all of them.  I say almost because there has been the rare exception where the player is painfully slow, and as a golf professional, I am very aware of keeping up with the group in front.  What generally ends up happening is I speed up my play to compensate, and that is not enjoyable for me.  

But as I said, those are rare, and I know as a scratch golfer I will always be playing with golfers who have a higher handicap than me.  I am often thrilled when a higher handicap asks me to play.  So go ahead, don’t be shy.  I bet you’ll really enjoy the round. Oh, and another thing, your golf game will improve if you regularly play with golfers who are better than you!

The PGA Tour is holding the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week.

Not only will pros be competing against each other, they’ll be alongside some rank amateurs. Needless to say, there may be some nerves on the part of the higher-handicappers, who will be playing with some incredible golfers…in front of crowds. Believe it or not, this could affect your next golf vacation. Have you gone on a golf vacation as part of a twosome or threesome?

I have a number of times, and that has meant I’ve been paired up with an incredible range of characters over the years, from all across the spectrums of age, golf-seriousness and handicap. My current handicap index is exactly 0.0. I could not possibly be more of a scratch golfer than I am right now. And I’ve been one for a while – my handicap has hovered between 1 and +1 for a number of years.

This is not to brag, but rather to say that I’ve been a low-handicap golfer for long enough to make some observations about how higher-handicap players tend to perceive me and others of my approximate skill level. I’ve joined groups that ranged from threesomes of fellow competitive amateur players to triads of ladies who all shot 100 or higher, and every permutation in between. I’ve gathered a lot of intel over my years of playing golf. So, here are 7 “confessions” from a scratch golfer that might surprise you:

7 Things to know when playing with a scratch golfer!

You can benefit from playing with someone with a good swing!

To read the 7 things to know when playing with a scratch golfer, go here!

Source: Golf Vacation Insider

Pictures: Today’s Golfer   Superior Performance Physical Therapy.

Thanks for reading – 7 Things to know when playing with a scratch golfer!

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