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Can being aware of your body language improve your golf?

Can being aware of your body language improve your golf?

Can being aware of your body language improve your golf?
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Do you notice that confident people have confident body language?  

Look at the quarterback on a football field.  He demands attention!  Look at Pele or Messi on a football field. They know they are good.  And I remember someone saying of Jack Nicklaus, “He knows he can beat you.  You know he can beat you.  And he knows that you know that he can beat you!”  THAT is confidence.
But can you project that confidence even if you don’t have it?  Absolutely.  Particularly in the animal kingdom, smaller animals will show some sort of bravado in front of a larger animal to hopefully scare that animal away.  So the next time you get out of your car at the club, right from that moment, start posing as if you were Jordan Spieth arriving, looking around and saying, “I wonder who’s going to be second today?”  Watch the video below with Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy and see just how important this subject is, not only for your golf but for your entire life!
Thanks to David MacKenzie of for this interesting and game-changing article!

How To Improve Your Golf Game in 2 Mins Per Day

If you watch anyone at the top of their field, whether it be sports, business or politics, you’ll notice they have very strong body language. And it’s probably more intentional than you think…

Can being aware of your body language improve your golf?

Why does body language matter?Amy Cuddy, Social psychologist and researcher at Harvard Business School gave a Ted Talk about “How Body Language Shapes Who You Are” and it’s been the most viewed Ted Talk (over 8 million views) on YouTube. I’ve included a link to it at the end of the article.

Cuddy explains that our body language not only affects how people see us, but it also affects how our mindsperceive us.

Studies (at Harvard) have shown that your posture affects your hormone levels, which can have a direct affect on your mood. When we’re stressed and anxious, we have more of a hormone called Cortisol in our bodies and when we’re feeling confident and assertive, we have higher levels of Testosterone.

To read the rest of this interesting article, go here!

Source:     David MacKenzie

Video: TED

Thanks for watching – Can being aware of your body language improve your golf?

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