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Wocket - A clever way to keep clubs and ball clean!

Wocket – A clever way to keep clubs and ball clean!

Wocket – A clever way to keep clubs and ball clean!

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Let’s make one thing crystal clear.  In no way am I involved financially or any other way with this company.  I saw this going through my LinkedIn messages and thought this is such a great idea I had to share it with my readers!  Very creative.  A pair of pants that have a built-in towel.  You watch the PGA Tour players wipe their hands or grip their club before they hit a shot because the caddie is standing right there.  But, most of us arrive at our balls, and the towels are on our golf bags. Bummer!  Now with this, it’s right there!  I have to get some of these!

The Ultimate Golf Bottoms. Wearable Gear For Golf. project video thumbnail


The Ultimate Golf Bottoms. Wearable Gear For Golf.

Finally, golf pants you'll love wearing that work like gear.
Finally, golf pants you’ll love wearing that work like gear.

Reality Is Our Inspiration.

Every sport has wearable gear that assists the player, except golf.

Quality golf and other shot making sports depend on good preparation of hands and equipment before every shot.  Until now, golfers had to hassle with, reach for, carry, or go back for a towel (or worse, use their pants).  This is a significant and time consuming distraction that is constantly repeated on every round, match or game.

It’s time shot making sports had wearable gear, rather than simply fashionable apparel that neglects the moment-to-moment realities of the game.

We constantly contend with dirt, water, grass, sweat, even fertilizers, yet it never occurred to anyone to make gear for us.  The gear of other sports continue to advance and address the players needs.

With all the emphasis on technology and performance fabrics in athletic apparel, it amazes us that no one gets it right.

Wocket gets it right.  We’ve designed a pant that looks, feels, and moves great, but addresses the realities of the game.

First, we’ve seamlessly incorporated a patented and discrete pocket with a built in microfiber towel.  Always there, ready and powerful, this towel does so much more with so much less.  Grooves are easy to get clean with the millions of microfibers that also pull moisture inward, so won’t get your pants wet.  And it dries quickly due to the extraordinary surface area created by millions of microfibers.

We’ve gone further.  We use performance and technical fabrics and anti-microbial coatings, that keep our gear looking and feeling great despite the realities of a messy sport.  And we’ve added features like a marker magnet and an ergonomic glove grip that helps you keep it together and moving along during play.

Wocket will liberate your play from distraction, improve pace and flow, and maintain hand and equipment integrity quickly and conveniently. They are a joy wear.

Golf is too slow.  Wocket will make your game faster, better and more fun and truly respond to the real needs of your game.

To see how you can get involved with the development of this product, go here!

Source: Allston Moore   LinkedIn

Pictures: Wocket

Thanks for reading – Wocket – A clever way to keep clubs and ball clean!

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