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Cobra Golf's new wedge designs claim much more feel!

Cobra Golf’s new wedge designs claim much more feel!

Cobra Golf’s new wedge designs claim much more feel!

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Cobra Golf has approached their new wedge design with what most golfers look for in a wedge feel!  So many companies talk about loft, bounce and groove depth, but in the end, feel is what we are all looking for.  What is feel?  It certainly is a perplexing question. Feel comes from the sound and also the solidness of the hit.  Those two things combined equal feel for us.  It looks like Cobra Golf has done a good job here.  Thanks to   of Golf Digest for bringing us this great equipment review!

Cobra unveiled its latest family of King wedges today.

Cobra Golf's new wedge designs claim much more feel!

While there is much to talk about with regard to groove design and loft/bounce options, sometimes lost in all that minutiae is the simple but elusive idea of feel. That’s why the team at Cobra refocused its efforts by studying the best way to make its new wedges properly resonate in the golfer’s hands and ears.

The key came from understanding through modal analysis the way the head vibrates, and the way its tour players like Rickie Fowler and Jonas Blixt want the club to feel. Engineers isolated the ideal feel by subtly thickening the face and raising the height of the muscle in back. The King wedge face thickness is 11 percent thicker than its Tour Trusty predecessor, and the rear muscle is 5 percent taller. Those two changes result in higher vibration frequency for better feel.

To read the rest of this wedge review, go here!

Source:   Golf Digest

Pictures: Independent Golf Reviews   Cobra Golf

Thanks for reading – Cobra Golf’s new wedge designs claim much more feel!

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