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One of the most famous scorecards in golfing history!

One of the most famous scorecards in golfing history!

One of the most famous scorecards in golfing history!

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Wow, when I saw this article by  of Golf Digest, I just had to share!  Look at the signatures on that scorecard, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Norman Von Nida and Georgia golfer Charles Harrison!  This has to be one of the most famous scorecards in golf! Not only did Charles have the privilege of playing with the game’s greats, but he also beat them soundly!  As they say in the south, “He opened up a can of whoopa**”  I hope he also kept the $35 he plucked from Hogan’s pocket!  That should be in a frame along with the scorecard.  Congratulations, Charles Harrison, you are my idol!

Charles Harrison is a Georgia golf icon, a career amateur who is in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. He qualified for the U.S. Amateur 16 times and played in two Masters.

Harrison had many memorable moments in golf, but maybe none as impressive as the round he played at Augusta National on April 1, 1960.

It was the Friday before Masters week and he was playing a practice round with Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan and Australian professional Norman Von Nida.

On Thursday, the website ClassicGeorgia posted on Instagram a photo of the scorecard from that round. It shows Harrison shooting a 65 and beating Palmer by eight shots, Hogan by seven and Von Nida by nine.

One of the most famous scorecards in golf!

To see the rest of this interesting article on the match, go here!

Source:   Golf Digest 

Picture: Edinburgh Evening News

Thanks for reading – One of the most famous scorecards in golfing history!

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