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Training for Power and Endurance made Simple!

Training for Power and Endurance made Really Simple!

Training for Power and Endurance made Really Simple!

Golf Chats is a website to encourage discussions on various subjects relating to the game of golf. I am Mel Sole, Director of Instruction of the Mel Sole Golf School and SAPGA Master Professional.  I invite you to enter into a discussion on this or any article on the website.  The input is for the entire subscriber base to learn something new each time!  Please post your comments below.  Keep it clean and tasteful.  We are here to learn from one another!

I have featured Coach Stephen from Renegade Golf Training in previous posts because I like his methods and research, motivating people to perform mentally and physically.  He is the consummate golf training professional, and this power and endurance program will do wonders for your golf game.  There are various levels of this training, so pick your level and get started.  You won’t regret it!

Training for Power and Endurance made Simple!


Are you sweating out forty-five minutes of slow to moderate effort cardio training 3-5 times a week? If you are hoping to increase your golf power, that’s a mistake. Here’s what you should do instead.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Despite golf’s long reputation as a leisure activity, golf is actually a powersport.  Scientific studies indicate that peak muscle activation during a golf swing is equivalent to sports such as football, hockey and martial arts.  Your golf swing is a high intensity, short duration event which must be repeated many times (hopefully not too many times) over a four to five hour round.  Using traditional Long Slow Distance (LSD) cardio training will actuallysedate your central nervous system, slowing you down and decreasing your power output.  There is an old adage in the sports conditioning field “Train slow, be slow”.  Put it this way, if a tortoise and a hare played golf, the tortoise would always miss the cut.

The Right Frame of Mind

How do you problem solve out on the course?  Are your thought patterns completely logical, or are you more creative and intuitive?  Research shows that traditional LSD training stimulates the logical, linear side of the brain.  Golfers face too many variables to be stuck solely in that mode of operation.  Creative problem solving is essential to playing to your full potential.

Pick Up the Pace

The optimal method of golf cardio conditioning should match the energy systems needed for our obsession… I mean sport.  Golf requires power endurance.  Slow and steady may prepare you for the local 5K, but it won’t do much to increase your drive or lower your handicap.  Instead of LSD, useHigh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  After a moderate warm up, perform short bursts of fast paced effort alternated with slower “rest/recovery” periods.

Grip It and HIIT It

HIIT can be performed on solid ground (running), on most cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc), or even in a pool.  Basic guidelines follow:

To see this great workout routine for golfers of all levels, go here!

Source: COACH STEPHEN   Renegade Golf Training

Pictures: Renegade Golf Training   The U.S. Army

Thanks for reading – Training for Power and Endurance made Really Simple!

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