5 Top Reasons to Buy Refurbished Golf Balls! Love #5!

Retrieving lost golf balls is a huge business, and Gary Kreuger’s company Lost Balls is no exception.  Collecting lost golf balls, cleaning them, repainting them and then reselling them has been a profitable business for Gary.  After playing on the PGA Tour for a few years, Gary decided that finding others people’s golf balls was far more profitable and has not looked back since.  Check out this interesting interview with Gary, talking about the refurbished golf ball business, presented by Golf Digest Stix!
Lost Balls CEO Gary Krueger discusses his business, which captures and resells golf balls at discounted prices.
Q&A: Gary Krueger
Mostly by contracting divers to go into ponds and lakes at golf courses in 43 states, Lost Balls sold 43 million recycled balls in 2015. In the company’s 24-year history, they’ve recycled more than half a billion balls. CEO Gary Krueger, who played on the PGA Tour in the 1980s, answered five questions from Keely Levins. Ball manufacturers say balls that have been submerged under-perform. The majority of your golf balls come from the water—are manufacturers wrong? Wet golf balls aren’t a bad thing. We’ve done independent testing of recycled and refinished balls with the Iron Byron. And there’s virtually no difference off a driver—just a yard or two. Sometimes the recycled and refinished go further. I think it was more of an issue back when we had balata balls. With liquid centers and winding, if you left them in a hot trunk they’d become egg-shaped. But now with two-, three- or four-piece construction golf balls, you don’t have those issues. How can you make an old ball as good as new? We take balls with discoloration or scrapes, and we take those balls and strip the paint off of them and repaint that surface. This happens in a factory that makes new golf balls—with all the same equipment. The balls are painted, stamped with the original logo and sidestamped with the word ‘refinished,’ so everyone knows. Then the ball is coated with polyurethane to seal it. Cosmetically, it’s brought back to its original condition. It’s not exactly like new, but they perform virtually like new.
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