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How to put spin those short shots around the green!

How to put spin those short shots around the green!

How to put spin those short shots around the green!

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It constantly amazes me how instructors often put golf tips on youtube and do not introduce themselves or say where they are from!  I know immediately by that beautiful mountain in the background that we are in Cape Town, South Africa. At least the caption below identifies the teaching profession as Grant Hepburn, but for goodness sake, introduce yourself and say which club you represent. It’s not hard!

Grant Hepburn explains via Golf Step by Step how to get backspin on a small pitch shot.  

This is an invaluable shot, particularly when you have very little green to work with, but your short shot won’t create the clubhead speed needed to produce that spin.  Opening the clubface slightly and hitting down on the shot will produce a short shot will plenty of check.  This is a great tool to add to your steadily growing arsenal of short game shots you are learning here at  So the next time you need to spin those short shots around the green, you will know exactly what to do!

The most important characteristic of your short game  around the greens should be to have control. You need to control the golf ball in order to get up-and-down as often as possible.

Grant Hepburn shows you the technique you should use in order to hit a low wedge shot that will check and stop next to the hole every time.

Source: Grant Hepburn   Golf Step by Step  The Complete Golfer

Thanks for watching – How to put spin those short shots around the green!

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