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Are you the type of golfer everybody wants to play with?

Are you the type of golfer everybody wants to play with?

Are you the type of golfer everybody wants to play with?
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Are you the type of golfer whose phone constantly rings as friends ask, “Are you free to play this weekend?”  or are you the type who is doing the calling?  Some golfers are so enjoyable to play with that their scores are irrelevant.  Then, the more skilled golfer is a pain to play with because he constantly complains about slow play, poor greens, or that the tee boxes are not level.
I can tell you this, I would rather play with a poor golfer who is funnier than a good golfer who is a pain in you know what!  Mark Donaghy of GolfWRX gives us a good insight into the 4 types of golfers.  Read on!
Are you the type of golfer everybody wants to play with?

Asian young couple playing golf on the golf course, the male partner is a trainer to the female golfer.

Which type of playing partner are you?

If you’ve played golf long enough in one area or at one golf course, surely you’ve become part of a group of guys or gals who you play golf with every so often. It’s a foursome, or maybe more, and you know their golf games, tendencies, attitudes and basically everything about them — because how better to get to know someone than on a golf course?

Well, today we’re in for a treat. In this article, you’ll meet the “four amigos.” They’re a group of guys (who I made up), who represent, in some capacity, the four playing partners in your group. And if you haven’t met any of these four golfers, you either don’t play much golf, only play golf alone, or one of them is YOU!

We meet the four amigos on a Friday night during their weekly Saturday match. Which one is most like you, or your buddies?


First up is Kenny, a golfing sociopath. He has his clubs and shoes cleaned, bought three dozen new balls, and has his golfing wardrobe selected, color coordinated and laid out ready for the morning. Kenny has checked the weather forecast and loaded the bag with all the essentials. Kenny had a lesson mid-week to dial in his angle of attack and has been practicing all week, preparing for the “the best round of his life.”

He’ll be in bed early reading Hogan’s Five Lessons and will be up early for a nutritious breakfast before heading to the club first thing to warm up, hit balls and practice his short game. He’ll play, lunch afterward at the club and then head back to the range to work on his game for a few hours. He might get a chance to get to the DIY store later to buy new locks for his house just in case his ex-wife comes around and trashes his apartment again! But that can probably wait. He’ll probably just head home for a night on the couch watching the Golf Channel. Kenny dreams of playing the tour some day but hates the fact that he has to work at the bank to pay the rent.


John is also playing tomorrow. His clubs are in the trunk of his car, exactly where he left them after last Saturday’s round. The mud is now fully caked on his irons and there is a nice pungent smell exuding from his FootJoys. He’s out tonight at the bar to watch the game and will have several drinks. He’ll wake up tomorrow with a sore head and throw on whatever clothes are closest to hand. He’ll arrive late coming into the car park on two wheels, screeching to a halt, grab his clubs and run to the tee, coffee in hand. His first swing of a club is his opening tee shot. He’ll munch on a breakfast roll for the first few holes. 

His triple-bogey, double-bogey start doesn’t surprise anyone.  But he comes good toward the end of the round and suggests to his group that next week he’ll take things easy the night before… until he realizes that it’s Chad’s bachelor party next Friday. Kenny hates John, as he has natural talent.  He knows that if John wised up he could beat Kenny with one arm tied behind his back. But John cares less about golf; he just enjoys playing each Saturday with his buddies. He knows that when he does eventually settle down sometime in the future, he can focus a little more on his game.

Are you the type of golfer everybody wants to play with?

To read the rest of Mark Donaghy’s story, go here!

Source: Mark Donaghy   GolfWRX

Pictures: GolfWrx    Dean Shareski

Thanks for reading – Are you the type of golfer everybody wants to play with?

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