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The latest shaft to challenge the top contenders - Project X LZ!

The latest shaft to challenge the top contenders – Project X LZ!

The latest shaft to challenge the top contenders – Project X LZ!

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Every shaft on the market has what we call a “shaft profile.”  These profiles determine how the shaft characteristics perform during the golf swing. Each person’s swing is different, so each demands a different shaft profile to match that person’s swing.  It is the job of an expert club fitter to match the shaft to the player.  A new shaft has emerged to challenge the longtime gold standards of the shaft industry.  The True Temper Dynamic Gold and Project X.  Introducing the Project X LZ!  Thanks to the GolfWRX Staff for this informative article!

When golfers think of iron shafts played on the PGA Tour, two models generally come to mind.

The first is the most-used shaft on the PGA Tour, True Temper’s Dynamic Gold. It’s been the leading choice of serious golfers for nearly four decades. The second is another True Temper shaft. Called Project X, it has been around a little more than a decade, and is the second-most played shaft on the PGA Tour.

It’s starting to feel as though True Temper’s new Project X LZ iron shafts could be another classic in the making, with three high-profile wins in the last four months. Adam Scott used the shafts to win the Honda Classic and WGC-Cadillac Championship, while James Hahnwon with the shafts the first week he used them at the Wells Fargo Championship.

What’s different about the Project X LZ shafts, and what can they do for your game? We asked Don Brown, True Temper’s Director of Golf Innovation.

WRX: What’s the difference between the Dynamic Gold, Project X and Project X LZ iron shafts?

DB: Dynamic Gold and Project X share very similar performance profiles. Both are low- launch, low-spin shafts that weigh roughly 125 to 135 grams and both have reinforced tip sections. While their launch conditions are very similar, their EI profiles and feel are very different. Dynamic Gold has a tip section that changes in length (distance to the first step) as you move through the set. Project X, on the other hand, has a 2-inch tip section on every shaft in the set. These differences create a much different feel for these two similarly preforming shafts.

Project X LZ is a different design all together. The PX LZ has both a reinforced tip and butt section, which creates a mid-section that is more active. This allows the shaft to load more and provides exceptional feel. This three-wall design is very unique to the steel golf shaft industry. The PX LZ also has a series of very small micro steps in the midsection to enhance the loading zone even further. It will provide a mid-launch angle with a flat apex.

WRX: How long was the Project X LZ shaft in development? What challenges were there in its design?

DB: As we were seeing the great results with our early prototypes of graphite Project X LZ in late 2013, we immediately began to think if we could see the same benefits in a steel shaft. The challenge was how to create that same affect in a steel shaft. There is a lot more freedom of design with a graphite shaft, where we can easily change the different layers of graphite, as well as use different grades of graphite. In steel, you need to be able to make changes to the internal reinforcement of the shaft and are working with a singular material.


Our steel engineers spent over a year manipulating the steel trying to create the Loading Zone signature EI profile. When they still hadn’t perfected it, they realized they were going to have to do something unconventional. All of our tour shafts have reinforced tip sections for added stability and trajectory control, but for the LZ signature, we were going to have to reinforce the tip and butt sections. That presented a lot of manufacturing challenges that took many months to get right. Finally, with the tri-walled designed dialed in, we added the series of micro steps to increase the flexibility in the loading zone even more. It took almost 2 years to get the designs dialed in, and a few more months of player testing, but with the rapid tour uptake and 3 PGA wins in a few months, it was definitely worth it.

To read the rest of this interesting interview with GolfWrx staff and Project X LZ, go here !

Source : GolfWRX Staff

Pictures : GolfWrx

Thanks for reading – The latest shaft to challenge the top contenders – Project X LZ!

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