Who of the Dude Perfect guys, is King of the Flop? Watch here!

This is a real fun video wth four buddies trying to outdo each other with the art of the flop shot.  Their technique is something to be desired, and it is amazing that nobody was hurt filming this.  Phil Mickelson would get a headache watching these guys, but after all, it is supposed to be fun!  Thanks to Callaway Golf for providing this great entertainment to see who is King of the Flop!
The guys at Dude Perfect are back at it again, this time with a Dude Perfect Battle. The boys tried their luck behind an 8-foot wall, trying to hit a flop shot closest to the pin on the other side. Some of the results were predictable, ie. bladed back into the ribs, but for the most part, the Dude Perfect guys impressed us with their flop ability.
Source : Callaway Golf  

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