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Playing golf as a single is tough these days - Is there a way?

Playing golf as a single is tough these days – Is there a way?

Playing golf as a single is tough these days – Is there a way?

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When I was an assistant pro at Royal Johannesburg Golf Club, and then again at Reading Country Club just outside Johannesburg, I used to love going out to play solo at around 5 pm.  There were very few golfers on the course at that time, and I could play 9 holes in about an hour.  Those days are long gone, but I sure miss them.   If you also enjoy playing a solo round, but you are not a private club member, there is a way.  Go to the pro shop and ask for the last tee time of the day.  Chances are, you’ll be out there on your own.   of Golf Digest talks about this.

The trials and tribulations of playing golf as a single and trying to get out and play in peace!

A singleton has no rights,” wrote Tom Chiarella in the excellent Thursday’s Game. I remember thinking of this as an antiquated, headstrong belief. Now I realize Chiarella was not opining; he was telling it like it is.

I’ve always been prone to playing solo.  A move away from friends and family has made single golf my new norm. Taking on a course alone has its advantages.  An in-tune experience with the outdoors, more practice time, quicker rounds, an opportunity to develop tempo and a more leisurely environment, to name a few.

Unfortunately, this past year has reinforced Chiarella’s observation. Singles aren’t treated like first-class citizens. Hell, we’re barely above caddies.

To explain our plight, here are the eight worst things about playing golf alone:

1. Fewer tee-time options.

Many courses won’t book a single until the day of, if at all. This is especially true of online tee-time services. In short, if you’re solo, you are S.O.L. on reservations.

Playing golf as a single is tough these days - Is there a way?
Getty Images

2. Pairing paranoia.

You’re on the practice green, glancing around at the partner prospects. You notice a mid-50s couple skulling chips, clearly new to the game. Hmmm, not sure why they’re laughing at those shanks. Is the guy reallystanding behind and holding her hips? Oh, matching ensembles; that’s cute. C’mon guys, a first-tee selfie? I need to join a countr…

Starter: “On the tee, the Cunninghams and Beall.”

(Begins to cry.)

3. Unable to input score into the GHIN handicap system.

Golf is trying to make the game more accessible and inclusive, which is why the USGA ruled that scores recorded when playing alone are disqualified for your handicap. Oh wait, that’s in direct opposition to the sport’s welcoming initiative.

Something odd about calling yourself a game of integrity, only to turn around and say, “But yeah, you need an observer for your round, because we don’t trust you.”

Playing golf as a single is tough these days - Is there a way?
Getty Images

4. No witnesses = no believers.

I’ve had three aces in my life. All have come alone, unless we’re counting the grounds crew at Pound Ridge and a lady walking her dog near the 10th tee at Devou Park. True, the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself. Conversely, it’s only human to want good shots or scores validated by your peers.

To read the rest of the single golfer’s plight, go here!

Source:    Golf Digest

Pictures: Getty Images

Thanks for reading – Playing golf as a single is tough these days – Is there a way?

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