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Ted Ray was the early John Daly - They didn't throw away the mold!

Ted Ray was the early John Daly – They didn’t throw away the mold!

Ted Ray was the early John Daly – They didn’t throw away the mold!
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The original triumvirate consists of Ted Ray (in the picture below), Harry Vardon (picture below), and James Braid.  The real character in that group was Ted Ray, who was an early day John Daly.  He loved to hit the ball hard, play for lots of money, and generally have a good time.  (Sound familiar?)  They don’t make them like that anymore,  says Mark Donaghy of
Ted Ray was the early John Daly - They obviously didn't throw away the mold!

Ted Ray and Harry Vardon.

Ted Ray was a US Open & British Open Champion and remembered for being part of the playoff in 1913 with Vardon and Ouimet
An interesting look at a golf swing from 100 years ago. My question is how did they swing in coats and jackets in those days?

Colorful personalities on professional tours have become a scarce thing these days.

Characters like Seve and John Daly came along and added a bit of personality to the Tour.  Today, Bryson DeChambeau with his Hogan hat and outlandishness is about as entertaining as it gets. It seems that the media has played a big role with golfers keeping their heads down. Showing a personality or having an opinion nearly always ends in trouble for the player. It seems that our forefathers in this game had much bigger personalities, and worried less about what the world thought of them.

Born Edward Rivers Ray in 1877, Ted was one of several top players to come from the Isle of Jersey, off the coast of England. He followed his idol Harry Vardon into professional golf, and became one of the top players of his time over a 30-year period. He was best known for his role in the 1912 U.S. Open.  Playing with Harry Vardon in a playoff along with the historic winner Francis Ouimet. You may remember Ray portrayed in the Disney movie “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” In one of the scenes, he is in a bar taking a drunken bet to drive a ball through a telephone directory, which of course, he duly obliged.

Tall and stocky, people knew Ted Ray for his prodigious power off the tee (think John Daly).

Ray had a philosophy reflected in the advice he once gave a golfer who wanted to hit the ball farther: “Hit it a bloody sight harder, mate!”

Ted Ray used to play with an attacking style (think Phil), and had to develop phenomenal recovery skills to be able to compete. (think Seve). He played with a pipe invariably clenched between his teeth, and usually wore a felt trilby hat, plus fours, waistcoat and flapping jacket, making him a good target for the cartoonists of the day. And he only had six clubs in his bag, including the driver and putter; so that only left four irons, his favorite of which was his niblick (his wedge). He made a reputation for himself for the ability to play a variety of niblick shots in a major tournament conditions  His recoveries with that club from seemingly impossible places was legendary.

Ted Ray was the early John Daly - They obviously didn't throw away the mold!

1920 US Open winner at Inverness – Ted Ray receives the trophy

To read the rest of this interesting story on Ted Ray, including video footage of his powerful swing, go here!

Source: GolfAus  Golfwrx  Mark Donaghy

Pictures: Secret in the Dirt  Golfwrx

Thanks for reading – Ted Ray was the early John Daly – They didn’t throw away the mold!

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