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If you think the golf ball does not make a difference - think again!

If you think the golf ball does not make a difference – think again!

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If you think the golf ball does not make a difference - think again!

Try different brands before you settle on a favorite.


A recent essay on from veteran golf ball designer Dean Snell (27 years with Titleist, TaylorMade and now his own company Snell Golf) makes the case that modern golf ball technology has endeavored to make the differences between all kinds of balls not that great—on the tee shot.

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We think there can be subtle differences in distance, but the real differences in spin and performance.

(read: your ability to get the ball to land closer to your target) These subtle differences start to show up the closer you get to the green. The multilayer urethane cover balls (generally, the most expensive) provide more spin and control so shots get closer to the hole. Snell also notes that modern technology in the less expensive balls has made them softer, even softer feeling than the most expensive balls.

But feel is one thing and spin is another. During our Hot List process, the balls that continually received the highest marks from our player panelists were those that were the most expensive, specifically because of their performance around the greens.

We tested this idea out with some player testing of 50-yard pitch shots. The goal was to hit shots that flew most of the way to the hole and stopped quickly after a few bounces. Using a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor, we saw clear differences in launch and spin, as shown in this chart here. Generally, the expensive tour-type balls launched lower (29 degrees or less) and spun more (7,000 rpm or more), while the less expensive balls launched higher (30 degrees or more) and spun less (5,500 rpm or less).

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Source:   Golf Digest

Pictures: Golf Digest   루미넌스

Thanks for reading – If you think the golf ball does not make a difference – think again!

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