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Hole by hole flyover of the US Open venue Oakmont CC.

Hole by hole flyover of the US Open venue Oakmont CC.

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Hole by hole flyover of the US Open venue Oakmont CC.

Today is the start of the United States Open Golf Championship.

In my opinion, along with the British Open, these are the top two Championships in Professional and amateur golf!  I say amateur because the word “Open” means that anybody can try and play and possibly win these prestigious tournaments!  Yes, the Masters is a fantastic tournament, but it is an elitist group by invitation only.  And the other major, the PGA Championship, is only for professional golfers. No amateurs allowed.  
So I hold these two Open Championships in high esteem.  The US Open is run by the USGA, and it amazes me each year how they can set up the course so that even par is a good score.  The competitors know they are in for a battle when they step to the first tee, and they had better be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared, or the course will chew them up and spit them out like a bad-tasting lemon!  Below is a hole-by-hole flyover of the Oakmont CC, host of this year’s tournament, to give you a good idea of what the players are about to face.  Thank you so much to Golfweek for providing these superb videos of the course.  Enjoy!

Hole No. 1

Hole No. 2

Hole No. 3

To see the 15 holes from #4 to #18, go here!

Source: Golfweek

Pictures: Getty Images   Patrick Drickey

Thanks for watching – Hole by hole flyover of the US Open venue Oakmont CC.

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