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The future is here - Golf Clubs marked by degrees not numbers!

The future is here – Golf Clubs marked by degrees not numbers!

The future is here – Golf Clubs marked by degrees, not numbers!

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Wow, something I predicted about 5 years ago has finally happened!  

Golf club manufacturers are labeling the clubs by the degree of loft instead of numbers!  I have thought it would be logical for all irons in the bag to mark the club’s loft, which allows club fitters to test each club for launch angle and ball carry for each individual golfer.  Welcome to the future of club fitting, and well done to the Ben Hogan Golf Company.  Thanks also to Claire Rogers of Golf Digest Stix for bringing us this interesting story on new developments in the golf equipment industry!

The future is here - Golf Clubs marked by degrees not numbers!

The Ben Hogan club fitting offers advice and recommendations on your golf clubs based on your current setup.

Ben Hogan Expands Web-based Fitting System


We do pretty much everything online these days, and now you can add “clubfitting” to the list. And one of the more surprising adherents to the trend is a brand you might think of as old-school but might just be new school, the Ben Hogan Equipment Company. Ben Hogan has expanded its online performance center, where you can receive a quick and personalized clubfitting without even looking up from your phone.

The system analyzes what should be in your bag based on how you play. By filling out a short 15-minute online questionnaire with information such as what clubs you play, your average distances, handicap, how often you play, and your ball flight, the site can familiarize itself with who you are as a player. From there, the database offers valuable tips on what to look for in your next set of clubs and is able to save your information for future fittings. The system helps solve the problems of compressed lofts throughout your set and inconsistent loft gaps.

To read how to get a fitting online with the Ben Hogan Company line of clubs, go here!

Source: Claire Rogers  Golf Digest Stix

Pictures: Ben Hogan Golf Company

Thanks for reading – The future is here – Golf Clubs marked by degrees not numbers!

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