Getting more spin on your pitch shots is not hard!

” How do I get more spin on my pitch shots?” is a question I get asked fairly often from my students.  The first thing I do is check their equipment.  How deep are the grooves?  You are not going to get any spin if the grooves are worn out.  Second, surprisingly, is a clean clubface.  You cannot get spin if the grooves on your club are all full of dirt.  Make sure you clean the grooves on your wedges after every shot.  Use a tee to dig the dirt out while it is still fresh because once it hardens it is far more difficult to do so.  Once your equipment is ready then Chris Ryan will help you with the technique aspect of the shot.  Good luck!
In this video, PGA Professional at The Belfry Chris Ryan shows you how to create the best conditions to hit those mid length pitch shots with high spin that bounce then check up on the green.
Source : ChrisRyanGolf

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