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How Brooke Henderson can improve your golf!

How Brooke Henderson can improve your golf!

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To say that golf is in great hands is an understatement!  And young hands at that!  We have Spieth, Day, Fowler, and McIlroy and more exhibiting great sportsmanship along with their stellar play.  But the women on the LPGA Tour are furthering their own brand of spectacular golf and winning with a joyful yet humble demeanor.  Great examples include Lydia Ko, who applauded when opponent Brooke Henderson holed the winning put in the Women’s PGA Championship and Henderson herself.  This young Canadian displays quiet confidence rather than self-congratulatory fist pumps.  Brooke also never fails to acknowledge the caddies and volunteers.  Thanks to John Haime of Golfwrx for this insightful article on the state of women’s golf!

Copy Brooke Henderson.

No, don’t copy her swing or her putting stroke (but that may not be a bad idea either); copy her attitude, because the wonderful self-expression and joy she brings to the game is worth celebrating and showcasing for young players … or any player.

Young golfers today look to Jason Day, Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy (for obvious reasons), but they may want to model their attitudes after the 18-year-old Canadian on the LPGA Tour. Brooke Henderson seems to have a great recipe for both enjoying the game, remaining humble and playing some pretty spectacular golf that is generating great results.

In a time where everything seems to be overstated, Brooke Henderson won the Women’s PGA Championship in an understated manner. No fist pumping, no running around, no over-the-top drama: just hitting shots like she is capable of, enjoying the experience, connecting with the audience and matter-of-factly finishing at the top of the leaderboard.

No Fear.

How Brooke Henderson can improve your golf!

Fear is a major interference in golf. We can look forward and consider all of the “what ifs” that could potentially happen, and most of the what ifs you might consider don’t have a positive effect on your game. Then there’s bringing the past forward. The tendency is to bring those things that really didn’t work out to the present moment, and those thoughts and feelings don’t help.

Brooke Henderson plays without fear. As an example, while most players at the recent Women’s PGA Championship highlighted the narrowness of the Sahalee fairways and that drivers wouldn’t be the play, Henderson stated to the media early in the week that driver would be the play for her. It’s her strength, and narrow fairways would not be a problem, she said. In a very self-aware manner, similar to Dustin Johnson in the U.S. Open, she used her driving as a weapon at the PGA, played to all of her strengths, leveraged her advantages and fully expressed herself.

“I used to get a bit nervous but then thought, ‘What’s the point of that, really?’”

In a recent interview, Henderson was asked about nerves and anxiety and her response was: “I used to get a bit nervous but then thought, ‘What’s the point of that, really?’”  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

What was most refreshing about Henderson and watching her win the PGA was the overall environment she creates within herself: a relaxed joy that produces great smiles after good shots, some disappointment after bad ones and a self-awareness that she understands her unique abilities and uses them. There was also a complete clarity following the winning putt in the playoff. She was determined to congratulate playing competitor Lydia Ko with a genuine embrace and acknowledge caddies and volunteers.

To learn from Brook Henderson on how to become a better player through a better attitude, go here!

Source : John Haime   Golfwrx

Pictures : Joe McLean  Scott MacLeod  Flagstick Golf Magazine

Thanks for reading – How Brooke Henderson can improve your golf!

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