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What did these Tour players do before they hit the Big Time?

What did these Tour players do before they hit the Big Time?

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The road to the PGA Tour is littered with hopes and dreams of making it to the “Big Show.”

Every now and then, someone from the rank and file of the 9 to 5 golfers makes it, and the dream for everyone else starts all over again.  

Who would ever have guessed that former 3 times Major Champion Padraig Harrington was formerly an accountant? Or Paul Goydos was a substitute teacher?  Yes, many players on the PGA Tour had regular 9 to 5 jobs while they toiled away at their golf game, hoping for that break to go on to fame and glory!  See this interesting list of players who broke away from various jobs and made it to the big stage.  Thanks to  of Golf Digest for compiling this interesting list.  I found it interesting reading.

With former shoe salesman James Hahn winning at Quail Hollow, we decided to look at other guys who worked regular jobs before finding success on the PGA Tour.

Rich Beem sold cell phones.


Bill Lunde worked in real estate.

Yang only picked up golf after getting a job at a driving range at 19. At the time, he was still an aspiring bodybuilder, and he hoped to open his own gym, but while trying to get another job at a construction company, he tore his ACL in his left knee. After doing his mandatory two years of service in the South Korean military, Yang decided to pursue a career in golf. He showed off that bodybuilding strength when he hoisted his golf bag over his head after defeating Tiger Woods head-to-head at the 2009 PGA Championship.
Thanks for reading – What did these Tour players do before they hit the Big Time?

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