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Can golf grips make a difference to your game - Oh yes!

Can golf grips make a difference to your game – Oh yes!

Can golf grips make a difference to your game – Oh yes!

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One of the many things that amaze me while teaching obviously keen golfers (they wouldn’t be taking lessons unless they were) is the lack of care they take with their equipment.  Iron grooves are dirty, driver’s heads are dinged up because they don’t have headcovers on them, and their grips are old and smooth.  Folks, if you want to play well, take care of your clubs.  I put new grips on my clubs once a year, and I don’t play a whole lot.  For golfers who play more than once a week, consider putting new grips on twice a year.  The look and feel of news grips will make a huge difference to your game!  Andrew Tursky of Golfwrx gives us the lowdown on Lamkins’s new Z5 grip.  Read on!

Lamkin makes the claim that with more traction and comfort, leading to a lighter grip pressure, golfers can actually gain speed and distance by using its new Z5 grip. But what makes this promise of “better traction and more comfort” any different than any other grip on the market?

Lamkin Z5 Explained.

Well, the Z5 grips have 5 different sections, or “zones,” each of which have different designs and are made with different materials. The rationale here seems to be that since each hand has a different function during the swing and setup, and they have different needs from a grip, that the grip shouldn’t be uniform from top to bottom.

To read the rest of the Lambkin story, and how these grips can improve your game, go here!

Source: Andrew Tursky  Golfwrx

Pictures; Golf Pride

Thanks for reading – Can golf grips make a difference to your game – Oh yes!

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