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The swing that almost won the Open (again) Phil the Thrill!

The swing that almost won the Open (again) Phil the Thrill!

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They don’t call him “Phil the Thrill” for nothing.  

Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson just provided one of the most thrilling final rounds in a Major Championship since Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson at Turnberry in 1977.  Take a look at this swing sequence that has Phil playing great golf again.  I think his new coach, Andrew Getson, has done an amazing job of tightening up Phil’s swing and has certainly made him a contender in Majors once again.  Thanks to   of Golf Digest for the swing analysis and to  for the great pictures!

The swing that almost won the Open (again) Phil the Thrill!

Watch and Learn!

Try as he might to inject technical excellence into his golf swing, Phil Mickelson remains a feel player at heart. His driver swing is in many ways an extension of his magical execution with the wedges—long on imagination, inspiration and innovation, and short on textbook regimentation. But even as his driver swing strays from the biomechanical ideal, it exhibits traits well worth adopting. When Phil is running well, his driver is a formidable weapon that has helped him win 42 PGA Tour events, including five majors.

A massively long hitter for most of his career, Mickelson also has spells of great accuracy off the tee. And he’s a true shotmaker with the driver, drawing and fading the ball at will, shaping shots to fit any fairway. His driver swing is eye-catching and fun to watch, with athleticism from start to finish and amazing tempo and rhythm.

At age 44, Mickelson still swings with a reckless freedom that exudes confidence. After a career-long quest to make his technique more efficient and reliable, Phil has emerged with a swing that average golfers should admire. Below are a few moves to copy.


Thanks for reading – The swing that almost won the Open (again) Phil the Thrill!

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