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The lead wrist has a huge influence on how you hit the ball!

The lead wrist has a huge influence on how you hit the ball!

The lead wrist has a huge influence on how you hit the ball!

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The lead wrist plays a huge role in the shot pattern of your golf swing!  Dennis Clark of GolfWrx does a great job explaining how this important (and often neglected) part of the golf swing can make or break your game!  As it is difficult to see the position of your lead wrist at the top of the backswing, get a friend, spouse, or coach to check this for you.  I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

The most important part of any golf swing is the clubface.

You can do everything right in your golf swing, but get the club-face positioning wrong and you have a flawed swing. After all, the definition of a good swing is simply one that can control the club face, period. So the question we need to ask is simply this: What controls the club face?

Any discussion of the club face has to begin with the grip. A good grip is one that controls the face by being compatible with your swing. Does it match “your action?” Any teaching pro should begin there. I’ve helped a lot of golfers simply by having them hold the club a little differently. We could discuss grips all day and still not say enough about them, but for purposes of this article, I’ll leave it at this: see your pro and be sure your grip is functionalfor you.

Flat/Neutral Left Wrist Position

The lead wrist has a huge influence on how you hit the ball!

The thing I’d like to explain this time is keeping your grip throughout your swing. For example, if you start with what I’ll call a neutral grip, your lead wrist (left for right-handed golfers) will be fairly flat, or perhaps slightly cupped if your grip is strong. If it stays that way throughout the swing, you’ll maintain the face angle. But if it cups, or dorsiflexes, you have just opened the face relative to its starting position. The same can be said of bowing your wrist, which closes the club face.

The lead wrist IS the club face in golf. I have seen more problems caused by cupping the wrist than almost any other swing flaw. As soon as the the wrist cups, you have opened the face, steepened your swing and added loft to the shot.

To see more how the lead wrist influences your shot pattern, go here!

Source: Dennis Clark   GolfWrx

Pictures: GolfWrx

Thanks for reading – The lead wrist has a huge influence on how you hit the ball!

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