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15 great buys to enhance your golf game this summer!

15 great buys to enhance your golf game this summer!

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If you are a keen golfer like me, you like buying “stuff” online for your golf game!  I’m definitely a “gadget” guy and love things that I really think will help my game at a reasonable price. However, T.J. Auclair of has just made searching for that stuff a whole lot easier.  

Check out his Top 15 list.  

Of course, I immediately ordered the Garmin X40 watch – but I had a legitimate reason – I broke my current (old-fashioned) watch by accidentally dropping a large concrete tile on it.  So I figured if I replaced the watch, it would cost me around $100, so really the Garmin X40 was only costing me $149.99!  Perfect!  

Of course, I am also looking at these Kentwool socks.  I hear almost 75% of the PGA and LPGA Tour players are wearing them!  I have just recently put a new grip on my putter, or I might have ordered the Golf Pride SNSR as well. Warm-up that credit card!

Over the course of a given year, I’m able to get an up-close look at some incredible golf gear. Periodically, I like to compile a product round-up of some of my favorites.

Here’s a peek at a list of items I’ve had the opportunity to test in the last couple of months that you may want to consider for your own game — everything from clubs to gadgets to apparel and more.

15 great buys for your golf game this summer!

Kentwool Socks

Kentwool socks:

Are you more of a walker, or the type that takes a cart when playing a round of golf?

Either way, Kentwool makes the perfect sock for you. Why socks don’t seem like a big deal to many is beyond me. Golf is uncomfortable enough with everything you face on the course. Your feet shouldn’t be a part of that equation.

Kentwool socks, made in the USA, are constructed with 58 percent Merino Wool, 31 percent Nylon, 9 percent Stretch Polyester and 2 percent Spandex. The best part about the socks? They have a blister-free guarantee.

For more information, visit

15 great buys for your golf game this summer!

Garmin Approach X40

Garmin Approach X40:

I have a confession to make… Since smartphones these days are practically attached to our person at all times, I figured it had eliminated my need for a watch.

Now, however, technology has turned toward the enhanced development of “wearables.” Picking up on that trend is Garmin with its Approach X40 band. It’s not just a watch. It’s not just a golf GPS preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses.

It also measures your shot distance, tracks stats such as putts per round, greens and fairways hit, is a digital scorecard and — when connected to your computer or smartphone — allows you to review your scorecard and round.

In addition to all of that — and what separates the Approach X40 from its competition — is its fitness tracking capabilities. It counts your steps, measures your heart rate, tracks your sleep, allows you to set fitness goals and more.

This is a golf watch that you never have to take off… except to charge, which you’ll only need to do every 5 days in activity mode, or every 10 days in GPS mode.

Oh, and for good measure — when synced with your smartphone, you can have text messages and call alerts sent to your wrist.

For more, visit

15 great buys for your golf game this summer!

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter grips

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter grips.

Putting is all about feel and that starts with the grip you’re cradling in your hands.

Available in two styles and two sizes — promote light grip pressure in the hands for superior control.

The counter of the grip encourages a more consistent, repeatable putting stroke. We can all use more consistency on the greens.

Visit to learn more.

To see all 15 of these new summer buys, go here!

Source: T.J. Auclair


Thanks for watching – 15 great buys to enhance your golf game this summer!

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