Entertaining stories about Phil “The Thrill” Mickelson.

Phil Mickelson loves to gamble.  You just have to watch him play to know that!  So it comes as no surprise that he likes to gamble at golf, table tennis or even trick shots on the golf course.  Read the entire article by  of Golf Digest to learn about the amazing shot Phil “The Thrill” Mickelson played to collect all the cash!

We’ve heard some great golf gambling stories involving Phil Mickelson through the years. There’s the time he schooled Paul Azinger. The time he tricked Nick Watney into paying off a wager in pounds instead of dollars. Even the time he bet a fan (and lost) he could get up and down from a particularly bad lie.

But this one, courtesy of Golf Magazine’s terrific oral history of “Tin Cup,”takes the cake. It occurred during the filming of the movie, which turns 20 August 16. Here’s Cheech Marin, who played Kevin Costner’s caddie in the classic golf flick, describing what happened:

To see what really happened on this amazing bet, go here!

Source :    Golf Digest

Pictures : Golf Digest  Corn Farmer

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