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Brittany Lang shares some great putting tips.

Brittany Lang shares some great putting tips.

Brittany Lang shares some great putting tips.
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Brittany Lang is one of the very best putters on the LPGA Tour.  Currently, she ranks in the top 10 in putts in GIR. (Greens in Regulation.)  Brittany, with the help of photographer  of  Golf Digest shares the keys that she was working on the week she won the US Open at Corde Valle.  These are based on sound fundamentals, so listen up. This can make a big difference in your golf game!
Brittany Lang shares some great putting tips.

Secret Golf

Working on Two Things!

All week at the U.S. Open at CordeValle—where I just won my first major—I worked on two things with my putting: staying down and fully committing to every putt. Reading the putt on 16 during the final round, tied for the lead, my brother, Luke, and I picked a line we liked: a ball out left. I committed to that line completely and just let it roll. That mindset helped me drop the putt and take the lead.

I’m never mechanical with my putting when I play.

It’s just this ball in that hole. But your putting has to be grounded in some mechanics. I’ve worked with Dave Stockton, and he’s big on the left hand (for righties with a traditional grip) being the aim hand. So the left hand is super important to me. I like to hit practice putts left-hand-only, isolating the feeling of the left hand in control. My putting grip is left index finger over right pinkie, which gives me the feeling of the back of my left hand going to the hole. Where the left-hand goes is where the ball goes.

I also like the stroke being equal on both sides (photos). I don’t want to take the putter back short and make a long through-stroke, or go back too far and have to decel coming through. Here’s a drill I like to work on when I practice. Put a tee just outside the toe of the putter at address, then stick a second tee a few inches behind it (on the backstroke side) and another a few inches in front (through-stroke side). Hit some short putts, making sure the putter head doesn’t go past either tee during the stroke.

Groove that feeling of the same distance back and through.

To see one further mechanical key to improving your putting, go here!

Source: Brittany Lang   Golf Digest

Pictures:    Keith Allison

Thanks for reading – Brittany Lang shares some great putting tips.

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