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Finally - putters that are made for juniors and women golfers!

Finally – putters that are made for juniors and women golfers!

Finally – putters that are made for juniors and women golfers!

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The most common thing I see when teaching putting to my students is that most of them have putters that are too long for them.  If you are really serious about your golf game, have a putter fitting.  Make sure your arms are hanging comfortably from your shoulders.  When the putter shaft is too long, it tends to push the arms upward.  This causes a cramped position which does not help create a good putting stroke.  This new line of Scotty Cameron putters is catering to juniors, women, and shorter golfers who just don’t fit the standard 33″ or 32″ putters.  

Thanks to  Andrew Tursky of Golf Wrx for this new equipment review.

The Skinny on Cameron and Crown Putters.

Golf is great because people of all shapes, sizes and ages can play and enjoy it. In that case, however, not every golfer fits into a 34- or 35-inch putter like you’d think when scanning the putter racks at your local golf shop.

If you do happen to fit into a “standard-length” 34- or 35-inch putter, then maybe you don’t know that most people playing a 33-inch putter are doing so with a putter that’s been cut down to size. The problem with that is shortening the putter without adding weight back will affect swing weight, overall weight, and ultimately, feel and performance.

“When we pioneered the adjustable sole weight system, it became possible to match the putter head weight relative to the length for a balanced stroke,” said Titleist Master Putter Maker Scotty Cameron. “Cameron & Crown models are purpose-built 33-inch designs, not manipulated 35-inch putters.  With two 20-gram weights to ensure the swing weight and feel of these putters are consistent with their longer counterparts.”

Scotty Cameron’s new line of putters — called Cameron & Crown.

The aim is to give juniors, women and shorter athletes an opportunity to play a line of putters designed specifically for them. And the head models featured in the Cameron & Crown line are some of the most popular heads from his other lines.

The Cameron & Crown line will consist of the Select Newport 2, the Select Newport M2 Mallet, the GoLo 5 and the Futura X5R models. Each of the putters will measure 33 inches, and will come with a White Matador putter grip that measures smaller in diameter than Cameron’s standard Matador grips. The smaller grip is said to better match performance, feel and weight.

Cameron & Crown putters will be available in stores (MSRP $410) in Canada and the U.S. on September 23, and the rest of the world on October 21.

See below for more photos of each putter, and click here to see what GolfWRX members are saying about the Cameron & Crown putters.

Select Newport 2

Finally - putters that are made for juniors and women golfers!

Heel and Toe weighted

  • Plumber’s neck
  • 303 stainless steel head and face inlay
  • Available in both right- and left-handed versions

Select Newport M2 Mallet

  • Flowing single-bend shaft
  • Pop-through sight line as seen in the Newport M2 from the 2016 Scotty Cameron Select line

GoLo 5

Finally - putters that are made for juniors and women golfers!

GoLo 5

    • Made from 303 Stainless Steel with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum sole plate and pop-through sight line

    • Parallel and perpendicular sight lines

To see the rest of this Spectacular line of Scotty Cameron Putters, go here!

Source: Andrew Tursky   Golf Wrx

Pictures: Scotty Cameron

Thanks for reading – Finally – putters that are made for juniors and women golfers!

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