The Top Putters on the PGA Tour and the Putters that got them there!

I have always been of the mindset that if you practice hard you can become a good putter, but great putters are born.  I personally don’t think the equipment they use would make them any better or any worse on a day to day basis.  You just have to see how many times these great putters change their equipment to see it is more a feel and visual thing.  On any given day a putter can look and feel great and the next day feels like a lead pipe in your hands.  I had the good fortune to play a lot of golf with the late great Bobby Locke, who, to this day is still regarded as one of the best putters ever.  He used a hickory shaft blade putter most of his career and never changed.  The same can be said for fellow countryman Gary Player.  He still uses the putter that won him all his majors!  So what can you learn from this article?  Find a putter that you really like, stick with it, and practice your putting stroke diligently to become a good putter! David Dusek of Golfweek presents the top putters on the PGA Tour and their strokes gained stats that allow us to see just how good these players really are with the flat stick in their hands.
Jason Day
                                                                                    Jason Day is the top-ranked putter on the PGA Tour this season. (PGA Tour/Chris Condon)
During a chat with Harry Potter, Mr. Ollivander, the owner of a magic wand shop, said, “The wand chooses the wizard, it’s not always clear why.”
The same holds true of putters. There are several guidelines that can help players find a putter that suits their stroke, but there is a healthy amount of art blended with the science. Face-balanced putters tend to benefit golfers who have a straight putting stroke; players who have an arched putting stroke tend to favor toe-down putters. The ideal length and lie angle should position the hands directly beneath the shoulders. The best putters on the PGA Tour use a wide variety of blades and mallets. Some feature a classic look, others are colorful space-age designs. The one thing they have in common: They all have been custom-fit to match the player’s stroke. Below is a list of the golfers who are currently in the top 10 in strokes gained: putting on the PGA Tour, along with their putter. • • •
                                                                                                                     Jason Day’s putter / Courtesy of TaylorMade

1. Jason Day

Strokes gained: +1.106 His putter: TaylorMade Spider Limited Red • • •
                                                                                                                        Steve Stricker’s putter / Golfweek/David Dusek

2. Steve Stricker

Strokes gained: +.930 His putter: Odyssey White Hot #2 • • •
Jamie Donaldson
                                                                                                                 Jamie Donaldson / (Getty Images/Harry How)

3. Jamie Donaldson

Strokes gained: +.887 His putter: Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth • • •
Phil Mickelson
                                                                                                                  Phil Mickelson / (Getty Images/Andy Lyons)

4. Phil Mickelson

Strokes gained: +.821 His putter: Odyssey Versa White Hot #9 • • •
                                                                                                               Jordan Spieth’s putter / (Golfweek/David Dusek)

5. Jordan Spieth

Strokes gained: +.875 His putter: Scotty Cameron for Titleist 009 prototype
To see the other top 5 putters on the PGA Tour, go here! Source : David Dusek   Golfweek Pictures : PGA Tour/Chris Condon   TaylorMade   Golfweek/David Dusek   Getty Images/Harry How   Getty Images/Andy Lyons   Aiky RATSIMANOHATRA

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