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Using an alignment stick for more than just alignment!

Using an alignment stick for more than just alignment!

Using an alignment stick for more than just alignment!

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Getting your weight shifted from your back foot to your front as quickly as possible is one of the most important moves in the golf swing.  

Doing it correctly is critical and is where most amateurs go wrong.  Moving the hips forward in a lateral motion can be achieved using an alignment stick placed upright in the ground an inch or so ahead of the lead foot.  Trying to get the hip to move into the stick gives the golfer the correct feel of this motion.  Thanks to Golf Step by StepJean Chua, LPGA player on the Symetra Tour, who gives you her take on this drill and how it has helped her game!

Many golfers try too hard to get the ball in the air. The most common way of going about this is by leaning back at impact as if to impart more loft on your clubs. Symetra Tour pro Jean Chua gives you a good drill to help you feel like you’re getting your weight to your lead side, which will help you compress the ball more, launching it higher by striking it more flush.

Source: Symetra Tour  Swing by Swing

Thanks for watching – Using an alignment stick for more than just alignment!

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