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How to put a great golf trip together to Scotland or Ireland!

How to put a great golf trip together to Scotland or Ireland!

How to put a great golf trip together to Scotland or Ireland!
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If you are thinking of putting together a golf trip to Scotland or Ireland,   Guy Proddow of GolfWrx has some excellent ideas to help.  Knowing these insights can turn a bland golf trip into a great golf trip!  I have hosted several excursions to both countries, and I can say they have all been memorable!  July and August are the best times weather-wise, but even then, you can get rained out.  At least in those months, it’s warm rain!  Layering is key!  I always take the minimum of clothing over there.  So if it gets rainy or cold, it gives me the excuse to buy some logoed sweaters or windbreakers!
Having organized countless golf trips in the past for both customers and friends, I can safely say we’ve gained considerable experience at in putting together tours of the British Isles… and it’s about time that we passed some of this knowledge on to you. GolfWRX asked us for our “tips for tour,” so we put pen to paper. Being blessed with incredible courses on this side of the pond, it’s always a pleasure to share the advice.

Here are 9 tips to plan the perfect golf vacation to the UK and Ireland.

1. Plan Your Dates in Advance

How to put a great golf trip together to Scotland or Ireland!

Ardglass – County Down.

When you consider our famously unpredictable weather, it’s key to get the dates of your trip right.  Particularly if your vacation is to Ireland or the West Coast of Britain. The best conditions are usually between mid-May and mid-September, although April and October have also been known to also deliver the perfect setting for golf.

If you were to come in the Spring or Fall, the main advantage would be the big savings on green fees and accommodation, but there is always the chance of being caught out in a strong coastal breeze.

2. Choose Your Group (…wisely)

How to put a great golf trip together to Scotland or Ireland!

Group with caddies at Kingsbarns, Scotland

If you’re considering the possibility of taking a vacation across the pond, you’ll probably have a core group of buddies who are interested in coming along for the ride. With some perhaps undecided it’s a priority to ensure that you get a guaranteed commitment from them.  Anyone dropping out can cause logistical nightmares and lose you money from advance payments.

Therefore, always aim to get a deposit from your potential group members.  Which will in turn tie them to the trip.

We’d also recommend that you choose your group wisely. Are these the kind of guys and gals you would be willing to spend all day and night with over an extended period?

Remember, you’ve got to put up with their on-course quirks and ensure that they won’t fall off the planet after their sixth pint of Guinness! This is a dream trip, one you’ve been putting together over months, so you want to bring your first team along.

3. Set Your Budget (…and stick to it)

How to put a great golf trip together to Scotland or Ireland!

A Budget is meant to be just that! Don’t change it!

Before you start planning which courses you want to play, it’s always wise to agree a budget with the group beforehand, which makes decision making and planning easier. The more prestigious venues are typically more expensive — and you will be tempted to blow your budget — so make sure you set and stick to your limit in advance, which will simplify the process of deciding which courses to play.

If you’ve set a tighter budget, we suggest that you play one or two of the biggest names (such as Carnoustie or Turnberry in Scotland), but then compliment your trip with some more of the lesser known courses, which are often just as good (if not better).

Base your vacation around those must-play classics you’ve identified, and the rest can then be selected through some research, which can help with if you’re unsure.

Additionally, it’s worth remembering that your budget also helps to define what accommodation you can afford. Choosing a modest 2-3-star hotel will allow you to spend more on the golf itself. The key, as always, is making sure that everyone in the group is in agreement on the budget and subsequently where you play and sleep!

To see the rest of the 9 tips to plan your golfing trip to Scotland or Ireland, go here!

Source: Guy Proddow   GolfWrx

Pictures: Dooks Golf Links  Ardglass County Down  Kingsbarns

Thanks for reading – How to put a great golf trip together to Scotland or Ireland!

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